Jacksonville is a city on the rise! For it to reach its full potential, we need leadership. We need those who can build bridges in all parts of our community.

My father was an Army veteran and Baptist minister while my mother was a career social worker. For me, they modeled what a selfless leader looks like; a love of God, a love of people, and a heart to serve.

I took these traits with me throughout my career – first as a coach, then as an educator and school principal, and now as a Jacksonville City Councilman. I know that if we work together, we can build on our city’s success.

I’m excited about the opportunities we have in all parts of our city. Together we can continue our economic prosperity, build excellent educational opportunities for our youth, and ensure that every family feels safe in their neighborhood.

At-Large Councilmembers have a unique opportunity to fight for every resident in our city. I look forward to sharing my campaign vision throughout our community and will work to earn your vote on May 14th.

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